Tooth Extraction

Pet Tooth Extraction

Dental health is more important than you might imagine for your pets and Dove Mountain Veterinary is a wonderful option in the Marana area. Pets cannot take care of their own teeth so it falls to the owner to care for them and make sure they are healthy.


What is A tooth Extraction?

Teeth in a pet are crucial for not only eating and being comfortable but also in terms of heart health and preventing infection in the body. As your pet ages or their dental health declines, it becomes necessary to seek pet dental care as a veterinarian. They can help with sedated tooth cleaning, they can help you to keep their teeth clean and they can even aid in dental surgery and tooth removal. Tooth extraction is not something that every pet is going to have to have done every time they visit the vet for a cleaning. In most cases, your veterinarian is going to work to keep as many teeth as possible and to repair those that can be repaired. Dental surgery is not something that we want to put our pets through but with a good animal hospital, you can get your pet's teeth back in great shape. Extraction is the surgical removal of the tooth from the affected pet.

What Causes the Need for Tooth Extraction?

Your pet is not going to need tooth extraction all the time. For the most part, your pet is only going to need extraction in extreme cases where the tooth cannot be saved and where the pet is going to be better off without the tooth for whatever reasons. In most cases, a tooth is only going to be extracted if it is badly infected, if it is badly damaged, or if it is causing a great deal of pain to the pet. Tooth extraction is a fairly straightforward procedure and with a great vet on your side, you can be sure your pet is going to recover well.

Tooth extraction recovery for a pet is much like tooth extraction recovery for a human. You will need t make sure the socket is clean and that it does not dry out. You might have to give your pet pain medication to help deal with the pain and you may also need to brush your pet's teeth. After a few days, your pet should start to act normal again and should be free of pain. Tooth extraction is not something that all pets are going to need but when it is necessary you should see a vet immediately for care. Your pet is your responsibility and taking care of their teeth can make a big difference.  

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