Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Puppy and Kitten Care at Dove Mountain Veterinary

Our Marana, AZ, veterinarian at Dove Mountain Veterinary offers a variety of services to help ensure your new pet grows up with the best health possible. That’s why we propose these few steps to maximize their wellness and prevent future problems.


Visit Our Marana Veterinarian Regularly for Preventative Care

Our animal hospital offers essential care for puppies and kittens during a routine comprehensive exam. This includes a full physical inspection where your pet is inspected from nose to tail, their organs are investigated externally along with all their essential parts and features. This is the ideal time to discuss with our veterinarian other preventative care essentials such as flea and tick prevention and routine vaccinations and non-core shots.

Vaccinations for Pets in Marana, AZ

You will want to keep your pet current on vaccinations, and during the first few months of life, puppies and kittens require several exam visits to get their initial vaccines and booster shots. As they grow, vaccination boosters are typically only required annually to help prevent disease and illness.

Parasite, Flea, and Tick Prevention

Internal parasites such as heartworm and ringworm can prove perilous for puppies and kittens. We can help you determine the safest and most effective methods for preventing these parasites along with more common pests like fleas and ticks. We offer flea and tick prevention such as collars, sprays, spot-on drops, and tablets for pets.

Spay or Neuter Your New Kitten or Puppy

Stave off unwanted pregnancies through a simple spay or neuter surgery at our animal hospital. Sterilization also helps eliminate or reduce the chances or your pet developing reproductive organ related cancers and infections. They also tend to be more content, less aggressive, roam less, and stop marking territory after being spayed or neutered.

Tag or Microchip Your New Pet

Pets can be eager to get out and play, so using a comfortable collar with ID can be invaluable when they bolt out the door or dig under the fence. Another excellent and affordable option is to have your pet microchipped here at our animal hospital. This procedure takes seconds, is painless, and most pets never have any side effects. The chip is connected to a database that can help bring your pet get home safe and sound.

Pet Food Considerations

Giving your pets the best quality food possible can make a vast difference in their health. Meeting their nutritional needs during their formative years and months is essential. It’s best to wait until a year of age to make the transition to adult pet foods. Vets also recommend avoiding plastic food and water dishes that can scratch and harbor bacteria. Metal bowls are best and should be cleaned and rinsed daily.

Visit Dove Mountain Veterinary for All Your New Pet’s Needs

Whether you need an exam, vaccinations, microchipping, quality foods, or just advice about caring for puppies and kittens, contact Dove Mountain Veterinary online or call our Maricopa office at 520-448-9690 today.

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