Pet Surgery

Whether your pet requires a neuter or spay operation or emergency care, going to an animal hospital that provides surgical procedures is necessary to keep your dog or cat in the best possible health. The first step to obtaining premiere surgical care for your pet is by calling Dove Mountain Veterinary to make an appointment with our Marana veterinarian for a pre-surgical consultation. Here is some information about pet surgery to read over so you understand the importance of this type of treatment when necessary.

pet surgery

Reasons Why A Pet May Need Surgery

There are many instances when a surgical procedure is required to obtain the desired result for your pet's health. When it is time to have your pet spayed or neutered, this is done in a surgical setting. A pet that is involved in an extensive injury, such as the result of getting hit by a car or having a fight with a wild animal, may need surgery to mend areas that were affected. A pet with severe medical problems may need a surgical procedure to help mend internal areas of the body so they can heal and get back on track to a healthy status.

Why It Is Important To Use Anesthesia During Surgery

Most surgical procedures will require the use of general anesthesia. This will keep your pet from feeling any of the procedure, and will also stop from having your pet suffer from stress or anxiety as they would if they were aware of the people and actions in their surroundings. In addition to eliminating any fear and discomfort your pet would experience, anesthesia also helps our veterinarian. They do not need to worry about their patient moving around during a surgical procedure if anesthesia is used. This will ensure the best possible care is given to your pet as distractions will not be an issue.

How Post-Op Care Needs To Be Handled

After your pet has a surgical procedure conducted, it is likely they will experience some discomfort as they heal. Our vet will provide you with a list of actions you should take to keep the incision site clean. It is important to check over the incision area daily as well. If it appears to be infected, leaking fluid, or bleeding, call our veterinarian for an assessment of the area. Adhere to any medication requirements after an operation as well so your pet heals without dealing with excessive pain.

When there is a need for pet surgery, contact Dove Mountain Veterinary to make an appointment with our Marana veterinarian. Our animal hospital provides emergency care, neuter and spay services, and other surgical appointments. Call us today at (520) 448-9690 to find out more.

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