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Emergency Care at Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and the biggest parts of keeping them healthy and happy is providing them with love,  nutritious food, exercise, and regular visits to their veterinarian. But sometimes, things can go wrong outside of these limits, and it is important to act fast in order to preserve your pet's health and give them the best chance of recovery. Here at Dove Mountain Veterinary, our Marana veterinarian offers emergency and urgent care services for common pet emergencies.

Cat getting emergency pet care.

Common Pet Emergencies

If you discover there is something wrong with your pet that you don't understand based on previous visits from your vet, you may need to bring them in for emergency veterinary care. Emergencies can happen to anyone, and it is important to remember that reacting quickly will give your pet the best chance. Here are some common situations that may warrant such a visit.

Repeated Vomiting or Diarrhea

A single spit up, or loose stool may not be cause to rush right in to the vet, but if it continues multiple times, or if your pet can't even digest water, there may be something more serious happening. Make note of the frequency, and even the content of the substance. If there is blood present, it is a red flag that a vet visit is needed asap.

Physical Traumas

Animals that suffer injuries due to fights with other animals, shots, or motor vehicle accidents need emergency veterinary care as soon as possible. Even if wounds don't look too bad, there are things the vet needs to check to assure there are no internal injuries and prevent possible infection.

Any Collapse or Breathing Issues

If your pet collapses or is having sudden issues breathing they may be having an allergic reaction, or they could have trouble with their heart or lungs, Regardless, a quick visit to their veterinarian in Marana is in order in order to determine what is wrong and possibly save their life.


Bloat is a common condition in large chested dogs, such as German Shepherds and Labs. With the condition, the stomach twists after they have eaten a large amount. The dog may become lethargic and may attempt to vomit, but produce on a sort of frothy substance. In these cases, emergency veterinary care needs to happen ASAP in order to give the dog the best chance at a full recovery. 

Urine Issues

Difficulty passing urine, or the presence of blood in the urine is a sign of another type of blockage that may also be dangerous and also needs fast attention.


If your pet ingests something you know is poison, such as chocolate, grapes, or medications, getting them to the vet and limiting their exposure to the toxin is very important. The longer the poison is in their body, the more seriously it will affect them.

Contact Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana Immediately if You Have a Pet Emergency

At Dove Mountain Veterinary, we take your pet's health seriously whether it is part of their regular visit, or in any emergency situation. If any health related issue is going on with your pet, it is better to err on the side of caution, than to let an issue progress from a minor treatable one to something more major. If your pet's well being is ever in question, we urge you to call our Marana veterinarian at (520) 448-9690 in order to obtain advice on any steps you need to take before you bring them in.



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