Pet Grooming from Your Marana Veterinarian

You no doubt regard your pet as perfect, but even the most beautiful animals need to be cleaned and groomed from time to time. This procedure plays a vital role in serving your pet's health and wellness needs, especially as performed by your trusted experts at Dove Mountain Veterinary. We're proud to offer comprehensive cat and dog grooming services for Marana and Tucson animals just like yours.

Pet Grooming

Why Your Veterinarian in Marana Recommends Regular Grooming

The there are many good reasons our veterinarian in Marana recommends regular grooming at our clinic. Clean, well-groomed pets don't just look and smell better -- they also enjoy additional protection against health issues. For one thing, the grooming process exposes problems such as dermatitis, infections, lesions, lumps or other skin complaints that require the soonest possible evaluation and care. It also gives us a chance to look at your pet's eyes, ears and mouth for any signs of disease, infestation or injury. While you might be able to give your pet a bath or haircut at home, getting it done at our vet clinic makes more sense from the standpoint of preventative health care.

Periodic pet grooming also keeps certain cosmetic issues from turning into genuinely painful problems. For instance, clumps of matted hair can pull agonizingly on the skin, making a simple brushing impossible, while also encouraging skin oils and infectious bacteria to accumulate. Overgrown toenails can get caught on carpet fibers or flooring, tearing the nail right out of the nail bed. A blocked anal gland can become infected and develop an abscesses. Regular "maintenance" through cat and dog grooming sessions can prevent such unpleasant outcomes, giving you a happier, healthier pet.

Cat and Dog Grooming Options at Our Vet Center

  • Bathing/Brushing - We're experts at gentle bathing and hair brushing. Gentle, hypoallergenic, pet-safe shampoos can cleanse the hair and skin of oils and dirt. Brushing clears away parasites and dead skin.
  • Haircuts - If stubborn mats cannot be teased out painlessly, we will recommend a haircut to remove the mats altogether. We offer a variety of stylish cuts to help your pet feel cool and comfortable even in the summer heat.
  • Dental Cleanings - Dental cleanings can be performed in the course of a grooming session. By removing tough tartar from your pet's teeth, we can keep bacteria from gaining a foothold and causing periodontal disease.
  • Nail Trimming - Nail trimming can be tricky, and a mistake can injure your beloved pet -- so let us do it! We can trim your pet's nails down so they're less likely to get snagged.
  • Anal Gland Expression - Dogs and cats have anal glands that emit scent. If these glands are not expressing the fluid they produce normally, they may become painfully impacted or infected. We can express the anal glands to maintain or restore their normal function and prevent such complications.

Schedule Grooming Services with Your Marana Veterinarian

If you're ready to give your Marana or Tucson pet the gift of optimal wellness while also marveling at how nice he looks and smells, then it's time to schedule grooming services at Dove Mountain Veterinary. Call our veterinary clinic at (520) 448-9690 or an appointment!

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