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How Long Should Dogs Rest After Neutering?

Pet surgery can be an anxiety-inducing prospect. Spaying or neutering surgery is no exception. At Dove Mountain Veterinary, we have years of experience providing pet owners in Marana, AZ with reliable pet surgery services. While every pet’s situation is different, there are some things you should know before your pet is spayed or neutered.

Why Pets Need to Rest After Being Spayed or Neutered

As with any surgical procedure, undergoing spay or neuter surgery takes a lot of energy out of your dog or cat. At first, your pet will be naturally inclined to rest. Unfortunately, your pet’s necessary recovery period is likely longer than he or she wants to rest. After all, your dog will likely have their energy back and be running around before their incisions have fully healed. If the wound becomes dirty or opens up again, your pet will need to return to the animal hospital to have its stitches re-done. This is not only time-consuming but will also slow down your pet’s recovery. Even if your dog or cat appears to feel fine following pet surgery, they still need to rest.

How Long is it Recommended Pets Take to Recover?

The truth is that every dog or cat’s recovery process will be a little bit different. Some animals jump or run more than others. Some pets have naturally higher energy levels than others – even pets of the same breed. Most veterinarians agree that between ten and fourteen days is the optimal recovery period following spay or neuter surgery. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to provide you with the most accurate advice possible.

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