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What Vaccines Do Dogs Need Each Year?

What Vaccines Do Dogs Need Each Year?

In addition to our outstanding health care, we at Dove Mountain Veterinary are proud to provide a myriad of general pet health and wellness services, including preventative pet care. Preventative pet care is an essential component of a dog's health and wellness. It includes ensuring your dog is on the right diet, getting the right amount of exercise for healthy muscle development, and ensuring he or she is on the correct vaccination schedule.

Important of Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations allow you to take a proactive approach to keep your pets healthy and happy. Several types of health conditions don't have a cure, but vaccinations can prevent them from occurring.  Vaccinations are an affordable way to keep your dog healthy and reduce your pet's risk of developing a severe condition later in life.  The type of vaccines your dog receives depends on his or her health and breed.  

Dog vaccines

The best way to keep your dog protected throughout the year is by following a vaccination schedule recommended by our professional and certified veterinarians. Keep in mind that not all dog vaccines require yearly boosters. The type of breed of the dog can also play a role in the type and schedule of vaccination. The annual vaccines for dogs are typically core pet vaccines.

One of the common vaccinations for dogs includes rabies vaccinations at year 1 and year 3. This is a core dog vaccine and requires annual boosters. There is no cure or treatment for rabies, so vaccinations are critical to protecting your pet dog from this dangerous disease. Some other core dog vaccines include distemper, adenovirus type 1, adenovirus type 2, and parvovirus. Dogs older than seven years are considered senior pets. With senior dogs, the frequency of vaccinations is less, but they still need vaccinations depending on his or her circumstances.

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