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Holidays and Pet Routine

Holidays and Pet Routines

When a holiday happens, often additional activities are added to our already busy daily lives. While preparations and festivities are exciting ventures, they can pose a risk for pets living in the household. Contact our veterinarian at Dove Mountain Veterinary Clinic in Marana if your pet has an emergency due to holiday activities. Read on to learn how sticking to a routine during the holiday season can help minimize the risk of an injury or a sickness for your pet so that your holiday plans aren’t disrupted by a trip to the animal hospital.

Be Aware of Your Pet's Actions

If you stick to a routine, you'll be more in tune with the actions your pet performs. Often, holidays cause us to alter routines to fit in all that needs to be done for celebratory purposes. Making it a priority to keep your pet on a schedule allows you to know what they are doing and how they are feeling. If loud sounds, such as visitors or fireworks, are expected, place your pet in a quiet area during their presence.

Keep Feeding Times Consistent

If you don't feed your pet according to a regular schedule, they will be more prone to trying to obtain something to eat from alternate sources, which could cause sickness. During the holidays, snacks and meals are prepared for celebrations. You may need to cook a large meal or use a grill outdoors. The potential for your pet getting burned rises if they try to take food from these heating units. Be sure to check that your furry friend isn’t getting into trouble by trying to sneak some meat off the grill.

Spend Quality Time With Your Pet

If you fail to spend time with your pet, it will look for entertainment in other areas of the home. This could lead to a pet becoming extra-interested in decorations, string, ribbons, lights, or sharp objects. Make sure to check your home for these potential hazards when decorating and keep your pet's playthings within reach for their entertainment.

Contact Dove Mountain Veterinary Clinic in Marana to make an appointment with our veterinarian if an emergency situation occurs during the holidays. Call our animal hospital at (520) 448-9690 for more information about the services we provide.

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