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Holiday Pet Safety

Holiday Pet Safety

Our pets are part of the family and including them in holiday fun is something that we all want to do. Though the holidays for us can be fun, they can be dangerous for pets and making sure you are caring for them is a must. For those looking for a veterinarian in the Marana area, Dove Mountain Veterinary is a wonderful choice.

Why the Holidays can be Dangerous for Pets

The holidays are a time of joy for humans but they can present some specific dangers for pets. For starters, new people can cause stress and anxiety and can make it hard for your pet to go to the bathroom normally and even eat normally. Stress can also cause skin irritation and pain and can make your pet less than their normal happy self. If you travel with your pets you also need to make sure they are safe during travel. Holidays bring new foods as well which can be potentially dangerous for pets. If you are having people over for a holiday meal you should first let them know what they can and cannot feed to pets. If you have a pet with an allergy or you are afraid they might get overwhelmed during the holidays, you can put your pet in a safe place during the gathering and let them out after.

How to Protect Your Pet

One of the best ways to protect your pet is to make sure that if you are not sure they will do well out in the party or gathering area, that you give them a safe and quiet place to rest where they feel comfortable. Similarly, if you feel that your pet might get to food they should not eat, you can better monitor what they are eating if they are in a separate room.

If you notice that your pet is acting strangely or that they seem off, you should take them to the animal hospital immediately to prevent serious injury or even death. Pets love being with us and holidays are a great time to socialize them but you do need to be careful with your pets, call Dove Mountain Veterinary, at (520) 448-9690, to get answers to any questions you may have about keeping your pet safe during the holidays.

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