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Proper Pet Care After it is Hit by a Car

Proper Pet Care After it is Hit by a Car

There is almost nothing that will strike fear into the heart of a Marana pet owner faster than the realization that a beloved pet has been hit by a car. Taking care of an animal that was struck by a vehicle is a big undertaking because they can’t speak out and let you know what is going on with them.  There are many things that you need to think about when this happens. Knowing a plan before you have to deal with it can help you immensely and our staff at Dove Mountain Veterinary wants you to be prepared should this accident occur.

  1. Get the animal to a safe place: This might be difficult because you don’t need to jostle the pet too much. Try to be gentle so you don’t make any injuries worse. Make sure that you don’t put yourself in danger. You can’t help the pet if you are hurt yourself.

  2. Check for a heartbeat and breathing if the dog doesn’t seem to be conscious: You may have to do first aid or CPR if you know how to do these. This emergency pet care might keep the pet alive long enough to reach the veterinarian.

  3. Consider a muzzle: Even a pet that is normally docile and friendly might become irritated and try to bite if they have broken bones or other injuries. Sometimes, a muzzle is the best option to enable you to help the animal. You might have to remove the muzzle in the vehicle because it could prevent the animal from vomiting or breathing. It might be possible to leave it on if someone is watching the animal on the way to a veterinarian.

  4. Contact an emergency vet right away: Things like broken bones, a fracture, and other injuries should be evaluated right away. The pet will likely need a full evaluation to determine if there are other injuries besides a fracture present.

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Contact our Marana animal hospital to let us know that you are on the way with an injured pet. This enables us to ensure that we have the appropriate emergency vet at our animal hospital to cover the needs of the pet. You can call Dove Mountain Veterinary at 520-448-9690 to schedule an appointment, or to discuss emergency care in greater detail.

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