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Pet Immunizations

Dove Mountain Veterinary Offers Pet Immunizations

Immunizations are the single, most important measure you can take to ensure your pet’s health. Common diseases can make animals very sick and can even threaten their lives. Your pet can avoid these threats by receiving regular vaccinations. At Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, AZ, we offer both core and non-core vaccines for pets.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

“Core” immunizations are those that are critical for all dogs to have. These vaccines include those against parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis, and rabies. These vaccinations are given to puppies who are a few weeks old and continue at intervals until they are 16 weeks old. Thereafter, vaccines are given annually.

Non-Core Vaccines for Dogs

Some dogs may be exposed to other diseases, depending on lifestyle. Your vet will advise you if your dog is at risk for contracting for diseases, such as bordetella, borrelia burgdorferi, and leptospirosis.

Core Vaccines for Cats

Kittens begin receiving vaccinations at a few weeks old and receive them at intervals until they are 20 weeks old. Core vaccines for cats include those against feline calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracheitis. Rabies vaccine is also considered a “core” immunization for your cat.

Non-Core Vaccines for Cats

Felines may require additional shots, such as bordetella vaccines for cats that are boarded. Vaccines for Chlamydia felis and feline immunodeficiency virus may also be indicated if your pet is at high risk. Your Marana veterinarian can advise you on whether or not your cat needs these additional vaccines.

Make Dove Mountain Veterinary Your Veterinarian in Marana

The veterinarians and staff at Dove Mountain Veterinary love animals and they work hard to provide quality care for each of their patients in Marana, AZ, and nearby communities. We are a full service animal hospital, offering wellness care, preventative care, spay & neuter surgery, general surgery, dental care, boarding, and grooming. Call Dove Mountain Veterinary today at (520) 448-9690 for an appointment to have your pet vaccinated to protect him or her from serious diseases.

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