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Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

Spring has sprung and with it comes blossoms, beautiful weather, and more activity in the animal community. For those of us that enjoy having our pets along as we hike out in the elements, this is the time to be more aware of snakes and other dangers lurking in the shadows. Just one snake bite will send you running to the emergency vet, your pet’s life is in serious danger. To further support a long and healthy life for your pet, Dove Mountain Veterinary of Marana now proudly offers rattlesnake avoidance training.

Why Is This Training Important?

Like most states, Arizona has a large presence of snakes. In fact, there are thirteen species of rattlesnakes here, including the western diamondback. By knowing and teaching your pet about rattlesnakes avoidance can actually benefit your pet from getting injured if your pet counters a rattlesnake. Here are some reasons why avoidance training can help save your pet’s life:

  • Save your pet from the trauma - A snake bite is not only painful, it can be fatal. While our veterinarians will do everything that they can do save your pet’s life, this isn’t always possible.
  • Save yourself from the trauma - Most of us are unaware of how many snakes are around as we traipse through the woods. Getting your pet the training necessary to identify, alert, and avoid a rattlesnake could help save your life as well.

What to Do If Your Pet Has Been Bitten

If your pet has bitten, it is imperative to seek emergency treatment from our emergency vets. You must remain calm and call our animal hospital right away. We will need to know the type of snake or at least a description of the snake so that we can administer the proper anti-venom to your pet. If it is possible, carry your pet to your car. This is to slow down the venom and keep it from spreading.  If you cannot, walk your pet to your car. Do Not cut, suck, urinate, or tourniquet the bitten area, you might make it worse if you do that. Let our emergency vets handle the situation.

Rattlesnakes usually will not bother anyone unless it feels threaten. However, you and your pet still should not approach it by any means. Our veterinarians provide special training to help you and your pet understand to importance of avoiding rattlesnakes.

The Animal Hospital You Can Depend On

Do you and your beloved pet enjoy long hikes together? Is he or she unaware of the dangers all around? Dove Mountain Veterinary of Marana now offers snake training on the last Sunday of each month. Call 520-448-2255 and reserve your spot today. If you have any questions about rattlesnake danger and how our veterinarians can help call 520-448-9690.

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