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  • February is National Pet Dental Month: Schedule a Pet Exam and Teeth Cleaning
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February is National Pet Dental Month: Schedule a Pet Exam and Teeth Cleaning

The American Veterinary Medical Association has deemed that February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Here at Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, we understand just how important your pet is to you, so our veterinarians would like to share just why pet dental month is important and invite you to schedule a pet exam and teeth cleaning at our animal hospital today.

The Importance of Regular Pet Teeth Cleaning

While it may be easy to forget about the health of your pet’s mouth, your pet’s dental well-being is just as vital to his or her health as it is for humans. Bad breath, broken teeth, cavities, and gum disease can affect the heart and other organs and lead to numerous health problems. By the time most pet owners notice these issues in their pets, there is probably severe dental damage done.

Our Marana veterinarians recommend annual dental cleanings that can take place during the same visit as your pet’s yearly examination or vaccination schedule. During your pet’s dental visit, your pet is safely anesthetized so that our veterinarians can take x-rays and perform a routine dental examination. If any dental issues are found, such as cavities or broken teeth, steps will be taken to resolve them. Your pet’s teeth will be cleaned and scaled and the procedure is very similar to that of visiting a regular dentist.

Home Pet Dental Tips for Dog and Cat Owners

Even though National Pet Dental Health Month is only once a year, daily maintenance at home is a vital part of keeping pet’s teeth and gums healthy between visits. Pet owners can gently brush their pet’s teeth with a specially designed brush or a fingertip style brush. There are also crunchy or chewy treats that are specifically for dental health that pets may enjoy.

Don’t Wait for Pet Dental Health Month to Call Dove Mountain Veterinary

Periodontal disease is by far the most common condition we see in canines and felines, but it is wholly preventable. Contact Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, AZ online or call our animal hospital at 520-448-9690 to schedule a pet dental exam and teeth cleaning for your pet today.

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