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What Are The Most Common Pet Emergencies?

Common Pet Emergencies and First Aid

Pet emergencies can happy at any time. When they do, you should be prepared. If you live in Marana or surrounding area, you can count on Dove Mountain Veterinary for emergency veterinary care. When in doubt about your pet’s health or welfare, contact your veterinarian in Marana for help. Don't take chances with your pet’s life. The following are examples of situations that may require emergency veterinary care.


Most cases of vomiting or diarrhea in dogs and cats are due to an upset stomach and often resolve themselves within a day or two. If the problem persists, however, or your pet shows signs of lethargy, weakness or pain, call your veterinarian in Marana right away. Signs of blood in your pet’s stool or vomit could indicate a serious problem and should be reported to your vet. An examination from your vet will help determine what's causing your pet's problem, so he can get treatment.


If your pet’s hit by a car, suffers a fall or gets bitten by another animal in a fight, contact your vet, even if he shows no outward signs of injuries. He may have internal trauma or hidden wounds that aren’t evident right away. By seeing a vet, you can avoid complications with infection setting in. Your pet may also need treatment for minor injuries or medication to relieve pain.


Both dogs and cats are susceptible to heatstroke during hot summer days. If your pet shows signs of weakness, profuse salivating, panting, vomiting or seizures, he could be suffering from heatstroke. As a temporary measure, you can spray him with water to cool him down. Otherwise, take him in for emergency veterinary care.

Difficulty Breathing

If your dog or cat starts wheezing, coughing, choking or breathing irregularly, contact your vet. He may be having an allergy or asthma attack. Breathing problems could also be due to your pet swallowing a foreign object that’s caught in his throat or blocking his intestines. Severe breathing problems can be life-threatening. Don’t hesitate to get emergency veterinarian care.


Dogs and cats are notorious for eating people food that doesn’t agree with them. Some of your favorite foods such as chocolate, grapes, nuts or chips can be toxic to your pet, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and other health problems. Chemicals in human medications, pesticides, and household cleaners can be life-threatening to a dog or cat, so keep these well out of his reach. If you suspect your pet is suffering from food or chemical poisoning, call your vet right away.

Contact Dove Mountain Veterinary for Emergency Pet Care

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