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Senior Vet Care Supplied By Our Marana, AZ Veterinarian

We know your older pet means a great deal to you. He or she probably has been with your family for quite some time. That's why Dove Mountain Veterinary Clinic, serving Marana, AZ and the surrounding area, offers specialized services for your senior pet. 

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Why Senior Pet Care Matters

Your senior pet has specific health needs that differ from those of a younger pet. He or she may experience health issues that only affect older pets or are more common in older pets. Senior pets require different medications. The examinations are a bit different for senior pets because our vet looks for signs of arthritis and other conditions common in older pets. Our veterinarian understands these specific health needs and tailors a plan specific to your pet's advanced age. Keep in mind, pets age much quicker than you do, so they're experiencing health problems specific to senior pets by the time they're only eight years old. By the time your pet is only six or seven, her or his health is the same as a 44-54 year-old person's. 

Problems Specific to Senior Pets 

A senior pet may have heart or kidney problems, and certain breeds of cats and dogs are more prone to them than others. Your senior or geriatric pet is more likely to develop cancer than a younger pet, especially if your pet doesn't have all of his or her vaccines. Your pet is more at risk for diabetes as he or she ages. Preventive measures are different because of the severity of certain conditions in the senior pet population.  

Treatment for Senior Pets

Your senior pet requires special vet care since he or she is older. Not only are some treatments more common in older pets, but your four-legged-friend can't handle the same types or strengths of medications as a younger pet; therefore, by seeing a vet who works with elderly pets on a regular basis, you can ensure your pet is in good hands. We take special precautions when administering vaccinations to your older pet.

Your senior pet needs to get regular exercise and eat a diet appropriate for him or her. Our vet can provide you with expert advice, allowing you to take care of your senior pet the best way possible.  

We encourage you to get your cat or dog treatment to prevent fleas and ticks because parasites are very harmful to the health of a senior pet. 

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