Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations From Your Marana Veterinarian

Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations are important for pets of all ages! At Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, we provide a range of vaccines to our pet patients. As your pet's Marana veterinarian, we'll track your pet's vaccination schedule, help you determine which vaccines are right for your pet, and help you schedule appointments so your pet will always be up to date on his or her shots. Understanding the benefits of pet vaccination and taking your pet in for regular vaccines can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Importance of Pet Vaccinations

There are many ways that pet vaccinations are important for pets.

• It's the law. Rabies vaccination is a requirement in order to license your pet.

• Public safety. Some vaccines, like the rabies vaccine, can help protect the public and prevent the spread of serious diseases.

• Quality of life. Getting your pet vaccinated helps your pet maintain good quality of life.

• Protection from serious illnesses and diseases. Vaccines help protect your pet from serious illnesses and diseases.

Vaccines Offered At Your Pet's Marana Veterinarian

As your pet's Marana veterinarian, we provide a range of core and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are vaccines offered to all pets, while non-core vaccines are only administered to pets who need them. Some of the core vaccines we offer at Dove Mountain Veterinary include:

• Rabies (feline and canine)

• Distemper (feline and canine)

• Parvovirus (canine)

• Adenovirus (canine)

• Herpesvirus (feline)

• Calicivirus (feline)

Pet vaccines are administered on a regular schedule, with some vaccines requiring boosters every few years. We recommend that pets come in for their first vaccines at around age 6 to 8 weeks of age. After the first year, pets must return on a regular basis for additional shots.

Let Your Pet's Veterinarian Guide You

The sheer number of vaccination choices can be overwhelming to pet owners. As your pet's vet in Marana, we can help you determine what type of dog vaccination or cat vaccination is right for your pet.

When we recommend vaccines, we take into account your pet's age, health and lifestyle risk factors. For example, pets who spend time outdoors may be susceptible to various diseases that indoor pets are not exposed to. When determining which vaccines to administer to pets, we may ask pet owners questions about their pet's medical history, lifestyle and genetic background.

Vaccines and Safety

Sometimes pet owners have questions about vaccines and their pet's safety. Vaccines are a relatively low-risk preventative treatment. While some pets do have a minor negative reaction to pet vaccines (such as itching, lethargy and flu-like symptoms), very few pets have a severe negative reaction to their vaccines. Most side effects of vaccines will wear off within 24 hours of the shot. We encourage pet owners to call with any concerns after vaccines are administered.

Contact Your Pet's Marana Veterinarian

As your pet's Marana veterinarian, Dove Mountain Veterinary Clinic is your source for pet vaccines in Marana AZ and the surrounding community. We provide a comprehensive range of vaccinations for pets in our community. To find out more about how your pet can benefit from vaccinations, or to get your pet scheduled for an upcoming vaccine, contact us today at (520) 448-9690.

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