Pet Microchipping FAQ

Microchipping FAQs with Our Marana Veterinarian Team

While there's no legal requirement to get your pet microchipped, our team at Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, AZ can think of several reasons you may want to! We receive many questions about this protective service, and we're happy to answer each one. 

Lost DogWhat is Pet Microchipping and How Does it Work?

Pet microchipping is essentially a permanent identification tag that increases your chances of finding an animal (including cats, dogs, and horses) after it goes missing. It's a small device, not much larger than a single grain of rice, and is implanted just below the skin. Inside this little device is a microchip which digitally stores an identification number unique to your pet. 

When scanned by a microchip reading device (most animal shelters and veterinary hospitals have them), your pet's microchip emits a radio frequency signal to the microchip database registry. Once the signal is transmitted, the registry can simply look up the contact information in the account linked with the identification number, and then call you to let you know where your pet is!

How is The Pet Microchip Implanted? 

A microchip can be implanted in a simple office visit. One of our Dove Mountain Veterinary vets will gently pinch up a section of your pet's skin and then implant the microchip beneath the skin using a hypodermic needle. Most pets feel minimal to no discomfort at all during the implantation process, which takes just a matter of seconds. No sedation is required.

If your pet is already under anesthesia for another procedure, such as pet dental exam and cleaning, a microchip can be implanted at this time as well. 

What Are The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pets?

Microchips are affordable, discreet, safe, permanent, and effective. They require no upkeep, generally last your pet's lifetime, and unlike identification collars they can't fall off or be removed. Statistics also show that missing pets who are microchipped are far more likely to be reconnected with their families compared to animals without microchips. 

Think your animal would never run away? Sadly, accidental elopement and theft can happen at any time and to any pet. Even animals that are usually indoors or stay within enclosed areas may accidentally escape or be spooked away by something (such as foul weather, loud noises, guests, other animals, etc.). 

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