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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding from Your Marana Veterinarian

If you've ever felt sad, guilt or anxious about having to leave your beloved Marana or Tucson pet all alone while you travel, you're undoubtedly in good company. Many pet owners who leave for out-of-town reunions, business meetings, hospital stays or extended vacations find that they simply cannot take their animals along with them, leaving them with the prospect of arranging for sporadic, less-than-expert pet care with a friend or neighbor. Fortunately, you have the option of giving your pet a comfortable stay in his own "resort" thanks to the dog and cat boarding services here at Dove Mountain Veterinary.

Pet Boarding

Reasons to Board Your Pet at Our Vet Clinic

If your pet seems like the independent type, you might assume that he will be perfectly fine left to his own devices during the day, with the occasional visiting human providing food and confirming that all is well. But even the most robust animal can come up against significant, unnecessary problems and risks under these circumstances, including:

  • Separation Anxiety - Dogs and cats need to know that their owners are around, and some of them can develop severe separation anxiety if they're left alone for too long. This can cause destructive behavior, aggression toward the person looking in on the pet, and even escape attempts.
  • Emergencies - A sudden medical emergency can occur at any time of the day or night, not just in the brief moments that your pet's caretaker drops by. Unanticipated mishaps such as poison ingestion or traumatic accidents are matters that require immediate evaluation and treatment.
  • Need for Medical Supervision - If your pet is chronically ill or getting on in years, she may need regular supervision and care from a knowledgeable human. Some conditions, for instance, require precise doses of medication at specific intervals. It's all too easy for someone unfamiliar with the routine to get things tragically wrong.

What to Expect From Our Cat and Dog Boarding Services

When you use our cat and dog boarding services, you can rest assured that your pet is in competent, caring hands at all times. Our veterinarian in Marana, Dr. Beth Neuman, can see to it that any special medical needs are met and respond to a medical emergency with prompt, appropriate treatment. This not only helps to ensure your pet's wellness, but it also gives you a chance to focus on your activity at hand instead of constantly worrying -- so it's actually good for both of you!

The same friendly, compassionate attitude that inspired us to become a "Fear Free" certified vet clinic also informs our efforts to make your Marana or Tucson pet completely happy and at ease in our boarding facility. We offer roomy, clean enclosures for each animal, including separate areas for dog boarding and cat boarding. Your pet will also enjoy nutritious meals, regular exercise, opportunities to socialize with other pets and plenty of human affection.

Get Started by Calling Our Veterinarian in Marana Today

Please arrange your pet's boarding stay as early as possible so we can administer any pre-boarding health checks and vaccination updates while ensuring that your pet's spot will be available. Call (520) 448-9690 today to talk to our veterinarian in Marana!

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