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Pet Boarding with Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, AZ

If you have a cat or dog, and you are not home for long durations of time to care for them, finding an alternative method to keep them safe and healthy in your absence is necessary. Bringing your pet to Dove Mountain Veterinary is an option available. Consider pet boarding in our Marana, AZ facility complete with veterinarian services. Here is some additional information about boarding your pet to keep in mind.

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Why Choose Use For Pet Boarding

The selection process for a reputable boarding facility can be a bit overwhelming. At Dove Mountain Veterinary, your pet's happiness is our main concern. Our facility offers large enclosures for both cats and dogs in separate locations within our business. Our house veterinarian is available at all times to tend to medical needs. We provide our guest pets with nutritious meals, exercise sessions, and plenty of time to socialize with other pets. Our staff members are also available to give your pet as much affection as necessary. We ask that you call us to inquire about availability and ensure your pet is up to date with their vaccinations to keep other guests safe while in our care.

Reasons To Board Your Pet

There are several reasons why using our pet Boarding facility makes sense. Many people do not wish for the security risk present when opening up the home to a pet caretaker. Instead of putting your home and belongings in possible harm's way, bring your pet directly to our facility instead. They will enjoy comfortable accommodations and individualized attention. In addition, socializing with other pets is possible. One of the main reasons people opt for pet boarding is the availability of a veterinarian to help with medication administration or to take care of medical emergencies should they arise. This gives the pet owner a worry-free time when away from their dog or cat.

Why It Is Important To Board Your Pet When You Are Gone

Instead of leaving your furry family member alone at home, boarding them gives you the peace of mind that they are cared for around the clock. Veterinarian service is also available at all hours, giving your pet the convenience of medication administration according to your specified schedule. Medical emergencies are handled promptly as well. Many cats and dogs suffer from separation anxiety. When they are placed in a boarding facility, they enjoy companionship and individualized attention, helping to keep depression at bay.

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If you are interested in finding out more about pet Boarding, and you feel using a facility with a veterinarian on-hand to handle emergencies is best, contact Dove Mountain Veterinary for further information about our facility. We are located in Marana and our phone number is  (520) 448-9690.

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