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Importance Of An Annual Pet Exam

The Importance of an Annual Pet Exam with our Marana, AZ Veterinarians

At Dove Mountain Veterinary, we care about your pets and want the best life possible for them. That includes an annual pet exam to maintain their health and well-being.

Why an Annual Pet Exam is Important

We all know preventive medicine is the best medicine for humans, and the same is true for cats and dogs. Catching problems early on may keep your pet from serious illness and will extend his life. Vaccinations also will help prevent a disease that could shorten your pet’s life.

How an Annual Pet Exam Can Help Your Pet

Annual pet exams are a nose to tail check-up that can help monitor your pets’ health and look for early signs of problems such as diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. Your veterinarian can detect problems and give you advice for treating them. Diabetes and obesity are among the most common problems with pets that can be prevented with proper care. It’s important to manage these issues properly.

Your veterinarian will also look for growths and other irregularities that are difficult for you to detect at home. If you have problems with such things as giving your pet worm medicine or clipping toenails, your veterinarian can help with those procedures.

Why a Pet Exam is Important at Different Stages of a Pet’s Life

When your pet is very young, it’s important to get complete vaccinations to prevent many of the common – and potentially fatal – diseases that can affect your cat or dog.

As your pet ages, annual veterinary exams become even more important as diseases such as cancer, heart disease, organ disease, arthritis, and other age-related problems can occur and progress rapidly. In fact, check with your veterinarian to learn whether you should bring your pet in more frequently than once a year. A six-month checkup may be necessary to maintain optimum health during your pet’s senior years.

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