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Common Veterinary Emergencies

small kitten being examined by her veterinarian

Common Veterinary Emergencies At Our Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, AZ

Humans aren't the only ones who have medical emergencies. Animals, sometimes even pets, will occasionally develop dangerous health conditions that require immediate veterinary attention. Without urgent care from a center like Dove Mount Veterinary, pets may find themselves in life-threatening situations. For the benefit of Marana pet owners, we are listing the most common vet emergencies that our staff handles.

Physical Trauma

Our pets can succumb to injury, whether it be from an animal attack or from an auto collision. Trauma will typically manifest through scars, puncture wounds, and excessive bleeding. If your pet has recently experienced physical trauma, be sure to check him or her into a vet.


 Food poisoning happens when a pet ingests a human food that is toxic to them. Chocolate, raisins, and grapes are common foods that can cause a poisoning for a cat or a dog. In some cases, a pet will break into poisonous household cleaners. Vomiting, gaggling, and poor appetite are all signs that indicate a pet may have ingested poison.

Object ingestion

Some rambunctious animals like to chew on objects that aren't meant for them; those pets sometimes accidentally swallow a large household object such as a comb or a silverware piece. Signs of foreign object ingestion include bloating and discomfort.


Uncontrollable shaking and tremors are telltale signs of a pet seizure. Epilepsy is a common cause of seizing. A pet who frequently experiences seizures in a short period of time (such as 24 hours) will need veterinary attention.

Allergic reactions

 While many allergy reactions are mild, some reactions turn out to be severe. In rare cases, swelling of an animal's throat can lead to difficulty breathing. A severe reaction can also induce shock and diarrhea.


 A fainting pet could have heatstroke, heart, disease, anemia, respiratory illness, or another serious disease.

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Is your pet displaying any of the symptoms mentioned above? Please contact our veterinarian at Dove Mountain Veterinary in Marana, AZ for the sake of your loved one. Call 520-448-9690 to hear about Dove Mountain Veterinary's emergency care.

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