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Have Your Pet Board With Us During The Holidays

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding During the Holidays With Your Marana Veterinarian

The holidays are coming, and many pet owners in Marana AZ are beginning to plan their trips to visit friends and family over winter break. As your Marana veterinarian, we provide dog boarding and cat boarding services so that pets of our community will have a safe place to go while their owners are away.

Benefits of Pet Boarding vs. Alternative Care

Whether you're going away for a couple days or a few weeks, there are many reasons to board your pet with your Marana veterinarian.

  • Monitored space. Your pet will be monitored by trained professionals who know how to deal with pets of many types, ages and sizes. This is safer than leaving your pet at home alone.

  • Peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your pet is on site with a professional veterinarian and the caring, capable staff at Dove Mountain Veterinary.

  • Less stress on friends. Leaving your pet with friends or family can put pressure on your loved ones. Taking your pet to a boarding facility is a good way to ensure that your pet is being watched without placing a burden on anyone else.

  • Comfortable conditions. At Dove Mountain Veterinary we provide comfortable pet condos for pets of all sizes. We also provide pets with tasty food, exercise and socialization time. Your pet will feel at home in our comfortable facility staffed by veterinary experts.

Services Provided By Dove Mountain Veterinary

At Dove Mountain Veterinary, we provide a range of services for pets boarding in our facility.

  • Healthy food. We know what your pet needs to eat in order to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary weight gain. We provide nutritious formulas for our boarders.

  • Socialization. Socializing with people and other pets helps our boarders burn off energy and prevents pets from feeling lonely.

  • Emergency medical care. For pets who experience a medical emergency, our veterinarians can provide on-site care.

  • Appropriately sized pet condos. We take care to ensure that all pets are placed in pet condos that are large enough for our guests to be comfortable.

Contact Your Marana Veterinarian Today

As your pet's Marana veterinarian, we provide safe, comfortable accommodations for your animal friend. To reserve cat boarding or dog boarding services, contact us today at (520) 448-9690.

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