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  • Prevent Pet Heatstroke and Exhaustion During Spring and Summer
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Prevent Pet Heatstroke and Exhaustion During Spring and Summer

Prevent Pet Heatstroke and Exhaustion During Spring and Summer

Pet heatstroke and pet heat exhaustion are very real warm weather risks for your dog or cat, especially if you allow them outdoors a lot. Our veterinarian in Marana is here to provide you with advice on avoiding pet heatstroke. At Dove Mountain Veterinary,  we can also offer veterinary interventions for pets that are suffering from this condition.

Prevent Pet Heatstroke and Exhaustion During Spring and Summer

Pet Heat Exhaustion

Pet heat exhaustion is a less extreme form of heatstroke, but both can be dangerous to your pet’s health. The symptoms of pet heat exhaustion include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Feels hot and feverish

Pet Heatstroke

Pet heatstroke is a more extreme form of heat exhaustion. The above symptoms will be more pronounced. The skin and body temperature will be hotter, and the risk of organ damage or fatality may be higher.

Pet Heat Stroke and Exhaustion Prevention

Prevention of pet heat exhaustion and pet heatstroke involves taking some common-sense measures, including:

  • Regulate their time outdoors in hot weather
  • Keep them in the shade instead of direct sun
  • Provide plenty of cool water for them to drink while outdoors
  • Never leave them unattended in a hot car
  • Give them a pool of water to cool off in or wet them with a hose

If your dog begins to show the signs of heatstroke, bring them out of the heat immediately. Use cold water and/or ice packs to cool them down. If your pet’s heat-related symptoms do not improve, bring them to our veterinarian for testing and medical care. Dove Mountain Veterinary is your full-service animal hospital. We offer both emergency care and a full suite of routine and preventative care interventions.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Marana for Heatstroke Treatment

Our Marana veterinarian, Dr. Beth Neuman, and the entire staff of Dove Mountain Veterinary are committed to your pet’s total health and well being. We offer full pet examinations, dentistry, lab services, microchipping, pet boarding and much more. We treat your pet like a member of the family.

Contact Dove Mountain Veterinary for advice on pet heat exhaustion and heatstroke as well as a full suite of medical interventions for your pet's health needs. Call us at 520-448-9690.

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