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​Why Is My Pet Itching?

Dog scratching due to fleas and ticks in Marana

Flea and Tick Prevention with our Marana Veterinarian

Now that warmer weather is finally arriving, you may notice your dog itching more than usual. There are a variety of causes of a dog’s itchy skin, but parasites, namely fleas and ticks are often the cause. The warmer weather means your dog will probably be spending more time outdoors, so they will be at a greater risk of getting fleas and ticks. Knowing the signs of fleas and ticks will allow you to seek treatment and relief of the itching for your pet at your veterinarian in Marana .

Common Signs of Fleas & Ticks

Without treatment from your veterinarian in Marana, both fleas and ticks can cause injury to your pet. Here are the most common signs that you should be aware of:

  • Abnormal scratching, biting and/or licking 
  • Unusual red and inflammed patches of skin 
  • Hair loss (especially from a flea infestation)
  • Pale gums (a sign of anemia from a serious flea infestation) 
  • Flea dirt (reddish-brown specks on the body and/or areas around your home) 
  • Welts and bruises around the area being fed on by the tick

Flea Treatment & Tick Treatment

Your veterinarian in Marana can recommend a variety of different flea treatment and tick treatment options, including:

  • Oral tablets, which are a great option for both the prevention and treatment of fleas and ticks
  • Spot-on flea treatments, which provide varying effectiveness; this option is ideal for quick relief of fleas, but you should talk with your veterinarian before use to ensure you choose the best product for your pet and their degree of infestation.  

Flea collars, powders and sprays are also an option, but are not generally recommended, because they are more toxic and less effect than the tables and spot-on treatments.

Prevention is the best option to avoid flea and tick problems, so it is important to routinely clean inspect your pet. Avoid allowing your pet play in high grass and weeds to prevent the risk of ticks. If you suspect a tick bite on your pet, but cannot find the tick, be sure to visit your vet as soon as possible to have your pet examined.

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