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Benefits of Annual Wellness Exams

veterinarian giving a pet an annual wellness exam

Our Marana Veterinarian Team Offers Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Do you have a cat or dog at home? It's important you bring your furry friend in for an annual pet wellness exam, and our Marana veterinarian team is here to help!

3 Reasons to Schedule the Annual Veterinary Exam for Your Cat or Dog

  1. A routine veterinary exam allows for early detection screening of diseases and illnesses, including gum disease, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, and cancer.
  2. Veterinary exams allow us to monitor the status and potential progression of any disease over the course of your animal's life. 
  3. As your animal ages, so too does its health needs. Annual veterinary exams allow our team to ensure that your pet is getting everything required (medication, nutritional supplements, activity recommendations, vaccinations, dental cleanings, surgical procedures, etc.) in order to maintain optimal health and well-being. 

How to Prepare For Your Pet's Next Annual Wellness Exam

Pet wellness exams aren't unlike check-ups with your own physician. The vet you meet with at our clinic will first go over any concerns you may have, and ask questions about your pet's current habits, behaviors, diet, and overall lifestyle.

During the exam, we'll examine your pet's eyes, ears, mouth, skin, coat, limbs, joints, nails, and paw pads. We'll palpate (feel) and examine your pet's abdomen and groin, as well as auscultate (listen to) the heart, lungs, and stomach.

Depending on your pets unique factors (age, breed, health status, etc.), we may request certain additional tests and procedures, such as radiographic imaging, ultrasound imaging, or lab work of fecal, urine, or blood samples. We'll be sure to let you know beforehand what you need to bring with you in preparation for your pet's wellness exam, and also send you home with an itemized invoice and all the recommended medications, supplements, and so on.

Lastly, if your cat or dog needs any follow up appointments, we'll invite you to set that up with us before you go. 

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Pet's Next Veterinary Exam? Call Dove Mountain Veterinary Clinic to Consult with a Veterinarian in Marana

At Dove Mountain Veterinary, our Marana veterinarian team wants to help every local cat and dog achieve and maintain optimal wellness at every stage of their precious lives. That's why we strongly encourage Arizonan pet parents to bring their animals in for a comprehensive pet wellness exam on at least an annual basis.

For whatever your pet needs, we have the customizable services at affordable rates and convenient appointment times. To contact us, call us now at (520) 448-9690.


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